Michael Jackson dies in LA

AFP. - shock the world! Super Starz Music ป็ baked Michael Jackson, died of heart disease failed in a 50-year-old on Thursday (25) from news reports of the entertainment Web site TMZ.com. "We just know that Michael Jackson died," TMZ reported on its website, "Michael bedridden with heart attack suddenly in the afternoon today, and doctors can not help him.

We have received indication that when doctors came to Jackson's pulse is not beating, and his pulse would not bounce back again " Do not have a confirmation on the official report of this death and Jackson's spokesperson has not issued a comment about it. Previously, the newspaper said Angela Ellis, Tai, Medical staff reported that the fire brigade to the Jacksonville, one in the hospital, said Angela Ellis. After that he found not breathing.

Once home to the singer of this time as 12:21 am (local time) Name of the newspaper report to Dan Ma medical team that has helped revive operations immediately. Before sending him to the hospital, L. A. Medical Call Center Joe Jackson, father of Michael. The interview with E! Online that he is aware of the emergency but not to other details. "I was in Las Vegas. Someone is in, with Michael, said Angela Ellis. Call to me and say he was sent to the hospital. I do not know what happened. I'm look forward to hearing the news from them.
" For Michael Jackson is scheduled to open once again back in London on July 13 and have a tour concert continued until the March 2010 year, the superstar's music ป็ depleted at the trial, said Angela Ellis during 2 months ago While ticket sales in London, which opened in March. Sold out within hours.

Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50. One of the world's most recognizable entertainers, Jackson is best known for Thriller. His incalculable musical legacy lives on.

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