Loy Kratong Festival

Loy Kratong Festival

Loy Kratong Festival Day is an important day, a day of Thai. Match-day 15 night 12 months ago by the Thai lunar calendar. The lunar calendar Lanna "often" fall in about November. The solar calendar. This tradition is exorcism and ask for forgiveness for his mother Ganges Some believe that the evidence in the worship Buddha's footprint Roy earthworks great river, the river girl.

And some evidence suggests that with its equipment or Mhasawk Cut Buddhist saints. Thailand has for the Loy Kratong festival tradition in all areas nationwide. In particular, the area next to a watercourse or water source, each with individual areas of interest.

At Loy Kratong Festival people will be a "Count" of equipment. Season is like a lotus flower candle and incense stick popular hair cut nail or enter into the coin count. Then swim to the river (in the next sea area. Loy Kratong festival is very popular sheltered shore) is of the view that an opportunity to collect. It also believes that the Loy Kratong Festival King Ganges.

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