list of hot destinations for 2010.

A few weeks ago we published our list of hot destinations for 2010.

Are you sure had a lot to say! Memorandum from the heart of the rebels were your comments insightful and experienced.

Some people were angry that we had recommended a "mainstream destinations such as Germany and the United States, said they had searched more off the beaten track places runway. (For this, we say that this is not our intention to together to explore the "country's" new for next year - this is a list of objectives that we have for the most popular in 2010.)

Others were disappointed, not always popular in countries such as Italy and Vietnam were seen.

We thought the answers were so good that justifies their list. So we are proud to carry with them the goals that we had to reflect the heat of next year.

1. South Africa - the big drawback to the different answers, because the orientation of the World Cup in 2010.

2. India - an increasingly popular tourist destination, is large and diverse.

3. Colombia - an unknown gem in South America, after a few.

4. Jordan - more accessible and fun.

5. Italy - many people love this stage of the journey.

6. Panama - a rising star in Central America.

7. China - the people, geography, beauty and diversity.

8. Cuba - always an "alternative" target, partly because of the embargo the United States.

9. Costa Rica - A Paradise for the environment and the North and South America.

10. Kyrgyzstan - the most underestimated of the peoples of Central Asia.

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