Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2010

Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2010
Date : 28 - 31 January 2010
Venue : Central World, Bangkok

Thailand stands 14th in the rankings motorcycle production, worldwide, with annual exports of around 1.4 million bikes. Honda led the way in 1967, when it built the first plant on the outskirts of Bangkok. Today there is an impressive list of recognised brands that are built in Thailand including the vintage UK brand Triumph.

Now in its second year the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2010 will be hosted, 28 to 31 January at Central World, the capital’s newest mega mall.
The event highlights an export success story, but also the popularity of motorcycle travel in a country where two wheelers are household items along side the refrigerator and TV.

Not surprisingly, the organisers of the Bangkok Motorbike Festival, 2010, claim the motor cycle business has risen above the clouds of a global economic crisis.

They are predicting a bumper event that is essentially an international exhibition showcasing the latest models, accessories, apparel lines and protection gear.
They reckon over 150,000 bike enthusiasts will tour the show, plus thousands of consumers attracted by the flashy machines lined up on the mall’s catwalks.

Enthusiasts will be over the moon studying the finest details their dream machines from race proven brands to icons of the touring fraternity.

Among the leaders on display will be Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Sachs, Can-Am, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki representing road luxury, touring, track racing and off road riding.

Like all specialised events, enthusiasts gather to mingle and chat about the trade and check out the latest innovations. On the trade side of the festival factory owners, importers, dealers, distributors, wholesalers will mingle with mechanics, professional riders and members of the numerous motorcycle clubs from far and near.  At the exhibition booths, visitors can examine modified Chopper, Sports bikes, touring, big scooters, naked machines, motocross and some ultimate custom bikes owned by local stars and celebrities.

But this event is more than a glitzy combination of combustion and bike chrome. To cultivate a cool image the festival will display modern art objects related to the industry, host stunt shows, tantalise with fashion shows, concerts and give plenty of opportunity for the club “leathers” to mingle for drink and snacks in Central World beer gardens.

A “Sense of Journey” exhibition will strive to explain why people ride motorbikes for fun in Thailand.
An interesting question and one that will encourage visitors to take a second look at the possibility of touring Thailand on a motorbike. Wet at times and certainly hot it might be, but motorcycle clubs are leading the way, demonstrating how much fun it can be to take to the open road and explore a quieter side of Thailand, off the main tourism trails.
To illustrate the point, a “northern caravan,” or a convoy of riders, will motor the scenic route from North Thailand to Bangkok. They will be escorted through the capital to the Central World shortly after the grand opening.
Motorbike caravans are a popular feature for clubs throughout Thailand.  Usually, they are linked to a festival, or concert in a provincial town, but sometimes the choppers ride for charity, delivering toys to children in hospitals and orphanages.
The festival is in fact a window on a world of motorcycle opportunities including an invite to roar off on your dream machine and explore Thailand.


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