Pattaya International Music Festival

Cool music to beat the summer heat

The Grand Pattaya Music Festival is back in town to entertain music lovers. It is a unique opportunity to listen and dance to enjoy a weekend of good music from over 100 musicians. Have fun with all of Mars.
According to the hotel in Pattaya, he was revived to provide the atmosphere for residents and tourists another reason to smile and make you enjoy the place.

The event is also part of a larger nationwide campaign "Amazing Thailand Amazing value managed" by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to deliver events and optimization characteristics of money for the Thai and international travelers.

For music lovers, it will certainly improve their holidays, and will turn into a paradise Pattaya Music expanded its appeal.
The event is a well-known labels such as GMM Grammy and its partners Modernine TV, Channel [V] Thailand, Channel [V] International and the Korea Foundation for International Exchange.
Musicians will be reviewed by international record companies such as SM Entertainment from Korea, EEG from Hong Kong, Ocean Butterfly transported from China, the Indian Industry and Vietnam, Halo Music Malaysia, d 'Australia AMPHEAD, slices INDEE from Laos and AVEX from Taiwan.
Visitors can choose their own music style. Are you in the pop, hip-hop, R & B and rock musicω The event includes three stages of music at the Bali Hai Pier at the southern end of the great bay, the center of Pattaya and Pattaya Soi 4th Musical theme revolves between the three stages.

On Friday, visitors can appreciate pop songs in Bali Hai, Rock in the center of Pattaya, and easy listening music in Soi 4th On Saturday, pop and rock at the stage of Bali Hai, Hip-Hop be done in the middle of Pattaya and jazz in Soi 4, and Sunday, visitors Rock Bali Hai, the country can enjoy the western central Pattaya Rock and Pop in Soi 4th
International artists from Korea, China, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong are also a member of the event.

TAT two stages, is a south of the pier in Pattaya (Bali Hai) and Soi 4 Pattaya Beach Road charge. The third stage in the center of Pattaya, is to be financed from the budget of Bt10 million and managed by the city of Pattaya and Chonburi Province Administrative Organization.

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