Bangkok Girl

Bangkok Girl is the first Canadian director Jordan Clarke. During a visit to Bangkok a few years ago, Clark quickly seduced with Thailand in the exotic culture and beautiful people. However, it was also by the predominance of Thai women who were forced to work as prostitutes, in particular because of the lack of legitimate employment.

In order to better understand the foreigners in their impurities schwelgte girls and girls who could defilierte, Clark had his camera on some popular places in Bangkok for the red light area minable. At the heart of his research, Clark meets Pla, 19 years, a bar girl. During the short documentary, Pla serves as a guide in Bangkok. First, it shows the modern city of research and the rail system is a public park. However, Clark does not seem very interested in Bangkok infrastructure. He takes his camera to the courageous and a few young women.

Clark notes that as early in the planning mat VoiceOver affable appearance can be an act. In fact, one of the fascinating aspects is to collect what you find in the horror of the apparently carefree Pla abstinence. Even if all his female colleagues, seems to sale, not Pla, it is not the kind of trade. And if their denials contrary to common sense, I was always tempted to believe, it has been sadly disappointed, and when it is on a two-day excursion with a foreign client. Clark is an effective work helps us understand the context of planning in a position to explain, as a few other possibilities, money from the sale outside of himself. However, understanding of the situation Pla nothing to reduce the pain based on their situation. Indeed, Clark with a mat Brit, another with a transsexual réclamant our feelings of unease. Bangkok Girl proves to be effective, and moving


  1. .these stories are a kind of beacon. By making stories full of empathy and amusement and the sheer pleasure of discovering the world, these writers reassert the fact that we live in a world where joy and empathy and pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing.

  2. Thailand girl

    " Thailand girl”provides a glimpse into Thailand's notorious and booming sex tourism industry through the experiences of a 20-year-old bar girl. Working in the bars from the age of fourteen, she has managed to avoid selling her body a remarkable revelation given her surroundings—but her refusal to take part in this all-too-common profession for young Thai women can't last. The introduction of foreigners, to Thailand has forever changed the city, the economy.