Thailand International Kite Festival

Thailand International Kite Festival

The players that were in the past. Since ancient times in each period, there has been mention of the play that different. If you are talking about that play, but that there would a time period which is difficult to say because of the clear evidence that the myth that the players of the past have shown since then.

Categories and types of kites.
Currently playing that developed in the form of kites have been developed. To be known. As well as inventing the modern form beautiful colors are more interesting as well. The kites have to play in Thailand is divided into 2 major categories.
1, that the panel is that, with no thickness. But part of a broad and long like that the Chula kite kites globefish Ailugm that form the animal.
2, that the name of the image that is also informed that the type that are associated with Creativity Skill used in manufacture to ensure that the special nature. It is interesting to people.
The picture is that the subdivision is a Type 3 is
• that the type of beauty.
• that the idea category.
• that the type of comic.

That the device can find a game that is easy but one thing should pay attention is the selection of materials, quality of the kite to the kite on the air can be beautiful. From the non-structural assembly. Wood is a combined structure can be used generally, but any wood species. Most popular bamboo used to. Because bamboo is a wood that is flexible and gluten intolerant selected bamboo wind power should be selected is not at age 3 years and then cut into sun. Lau, a size too small not to fit because it can not be anti-wind power has long Or should not be too big because if too much weight, that might not have to draft high-dowdy Devices will come to a line of string or rope tied to a tree line should be tied to the gluten Lacing string tied to each side to be equal to the tense and straining to the last piece of major equipment is a paper that comes close. Paper mulberry paper is popular. The paper cut by a larger structure that provides the framework that the small size then glue the edges of the frame that track. Which is currently creating the color. Or color of paper used to be beautiful with plenty of paper to be seized is that the structure more

How to play that.
Leadership that the draft had to play one, let the plane take place on the floor. Hawweaw turn to the head people masturbate. Distance of 2-3 meters and then run the art starting with the string line to maintain the tempo of shock Not too strong so that it can adapt to the draft But if 2 people play กัน then another person sent a kite Another is that people fly kites sent by people from the people should masturbate about 4-5 meters Hawweaw set up to try to draft and then send the kite. People fly kites and string line that will start to rise then controlled by the starting line until the rhythm is. That the force had a strong starting line until we have more that will make up the high momentum as we start To ease that down to the lower levels should reduce the force down slightly.

That the current popularity of the competing Historically it is seen that with the Chula kite globefish This is the reputation that is known. Like with rival and advantages. The structure of the Chula kites are very large if the comparisons. Chula kite is larger than the blowfish that is 2 times from the competition. Players both sides. In their area. It will provide their own kites to grab the other party. That the puffer is a wattle put the hemp rope that the loss of balance, the Chula kite globefish in their border will be screening for a chance to grab the Chula kite using wattle The Chula kite is that it not be? Hmpa Hmpa will come up that the puffer kites Chula. While playing the mutual masturbate banned ล้ำแดน. If the rule is that victory can drag Chula take that into the puffer at or multiple. If the rival Dan in their success is a win, or that the drag globefish Chula kite to take their border is of winning as well. But as if to fly kites globefish definitely not to lose it, at any rate. Value and benefits of playing in that.
That the sport is a long game. Including indication of a Thai identity. A practice can use their art. Creative flair and strong fortitude. Harmony to help each other to win another party.

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