umbrella village

The located in San Kamphaeng Road, Bor Sang is synchronized, as the roof of the village. It is the place where the villagers were gathered, and based on local wisdom for over 200 years. All materials, including silk, bamboo, the Saturday paper (mulberry paper), are on site.

Will be surprised at the hands of hundreds of screens painted in different designs and sizes, small, from the super-wide. In addition to the roof, fans and other products in its main paper is also available in classic and modern designs.

"Bo Sang", the small village of San Kam district, famous for its exquisite hand-painted umbrellas Mulberry paper and silk. The most sensitive are equipped with umbrellas beautiful floral motifs painted in impressive colors. The drawings are very different and are instantly recognizable.

"Bo Sang" umbrellas are very decorative and gift the visitors are looking for throughout the world. It is internationally is complicated by the fact that the Bo Sang parasol received the "best recollection" of the price International Seminar of Tourism, was held in Los Angeles, United States.

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