Hua Hin Regatta 2009

At the end of the month at 30 July, meet the sailors at the annual Hua Hin Regatta 2008 can test their skills on three days competition. The trophies are coveted by the Royal Vega Rudder trophy of His Majesty the King, Super Mod of the national championship trophy from HM King, OK Dinghy National Championship trophy in the SM of the queen and the princess by the football championship of the Optimist End Princess Galyani Vadhana.

Hua Hin is the traditional focus of the veil of the country, because of His Majesty the King of interest in sport. One of the South Asian Games champion in the category sailing, SM King has run his own boat and helped in the preparation of the Super Mod class and is a strong protector of the sail is in the regatta this year is to honor him off the coast of Hua out around the palace.

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