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Celadon, Thai ceramics unique soft colors green and blue, is on the ground in many forms. These include the dinner fixed, vases, tea, burners, lamps, and on other decorative items at home. Recommended sights are Hang Dong district, in which a large number of factories are located. For lovers of art, a visit to Nimmanhemin Road is worthwhile, because there are many galleries offer fascinating Celadon products.

The export of porcelain and ceramics from Thailand Benjarong showed a positive sign, as the export market of traditional ceramics unique Thai products, including the United States appears promising. Khun Praiwan Muangpuek, Director of Vocational Training in Thailand Benjarong Samut Sakhon said it would be its ability to increase production, to improve the demand for Thailand Benjarong pottery, a type of porcelain is characterized by the fusion of the decorations. Selected for a product for Thailand One Tambon One Product scheme, he said Benjarong Thai Benjarong pottery and ceramics is expected that more than 10 per cent in Thailand, the government next year.

Thai-hand of Benjarong porcelain was of foreign clients, especially by Thai Industrial Standards Institute. Benjarong, which means, 5 colors, was originally in China, the hand of the clay, coal furnaces and gold. Each piece is composed of main application Benjarong porcelain masks real gold, white on Benjarong ceramics, the artist at a touch, Thai detailed model for the gold Benjarong ceramic with a minimum of 5 colors. 5 colors Benjarong porcelain and ceramics from Thailand, budget and decorative ceramics. With the Benjarong ceramic cremation urns for the ashes of love growing in popularity in Western culture, "said Praiwan.

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