Patong Beach

Curve is similar to a wide bay with clear sea water, beautiful sandy beaches. Suitable for all types of water sports. It is the nucleus of the tourist beaches. And called that the tourists do not know that nobody Phuket Patong Patong Beach is a Entertainment all the many tourist services. It is a beach that is favorable The most convenient location in Phuket such as accommodation and entertainment company Nightlife guide as many people. The beach is never sleeping and souvenir products of all kinds available in Patong and have had some people say that if find in Patong? เจอ not would not have to find somewhere else. In Phuket But the price of goods in Patong will be relatively high because most customers. As foreign tourists. In buying goods require skills in the bargain is to buy a cheap Location and Travel Patong Beach in Phuket town 15 kilometers away from the path of war or highway Wichit Road 4020 approximately 9 km turn left into Highway 4029 (the label will say to Patong, which is a 6 km road is rather tortuous and oblique advanced

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