Koh Samui

According to evidence found on the island of Samui, the historians believe it was inhabited by people up to 1200 years. In 1940, the island is still isolated from the outside world. Those who travel to Samui Travel from Surat Thani for approximately 6 hours. As in the land transport are not authorized, it took several hours to the people walking through the jungle to the beautiful beach. Only the early 1970s as Ko Samui is a dream destination of hikers discovered. With the development of infrastructure, a growing number of travelers were on the island.

Samui concrete ring road was constructed in 1973 by the decision of the Government. Passing most beautiful beaches on the island and connects the areas below the districts, the street has the tourism. The Tourism Authority of Thailand, the island in 1980 and the realization of the great tourist potential of Samui, a plan for the development and promotion of tourism on the island in the act was implemented. It is and remains a popular tourist destination in Thailand. Today, Ko Samui Ko Samui is located in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 84 kilometers east of Surat Thani province, about 700 kilometers south of Bangkok.

Known under the name Coconut Iceland, Ko Samui is one of the most famous and popular attractions of Thailand. With an area of 247 square kilometers, Ko Samui is the third largest island of Thailand after Phuket and Ko Chang (Trat Province). The topography of the island is of a level with a mountain chain in the center and 7 Workflow important. Furthermore, there is a 50-km paved road around the island. Moreover, the surface of the island extends to a group of 48 islands in the area. Despite the rapid development, Ko Samui, was able to charm its classical image of a tropical beach surrounded by coconut palms.

Travel to the island can take stock of the day and nightlife along the coast with the rest, which can easily be found in different parts of Ko Samui, the island group is a haven of rest for the fishermen and a natural seagulls and other rare birds. Hat Chaweng and Hat Lamai Ko Samui are beautiful and popular beaches. Both have a large selection of accommodations for every budget. Please note that the price of the room in high season December to July, when Samui sparks. The nightlife of each beach is different: Hat Chaweng is good for couples, women and families, so that only the people will by the beer bar culture Hat Lamai. These stations, as well as Na Thon (capital of Koh Samui), communication, exchange and car / motorcycle rental of facilities.

Other beaches are Hat Choeng Mon, Hat Mae Nam in the north and Hat Na Thon, the island from the sea great Regulation, where shops, restaurants and travel agencies are concentrated. Apart from the many beaches and bays, Ko Samui is also famous for its high quality coconuts growing densely everywhere. The best time to visit Ko Samui is from February to April, when the sea is calm. The dialect of the South and the standard of the Thai language is spoken, while English well in tourist areas.

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