Siam Tulip

Siam Tulip or Summer Tulip (Curcuma alismatifolia) is a tropical plant native of northern Thailand and Cambodia. Despite its name, it is not part of the tulip, but the different species, such as ginger turmeric. It can be used as the Annex, and is also sold as cut flowers.

One of the wild tulip fields in the Siam Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Chaiyaphum province of Thailand.

Manacles of the penis or a belt or Siam (Siam Tulip) is a biennial plant in the soil isolation. Will stay in the winter and hot When the rains begin to sprout leaves and flowers from about 2 feet high form long paddle like yellow flowers bloom in red bract color purple

Scientific name: Curcuma alismatifolia.
Other local names: pot trousers (Northeast), Hwd (South), Red Bay (North)
Care: Planting in the damp cold. Care not covered by soil moisture loss conversion plant
The breed: separate germ
Benefits: peter colorful flowers and beautiful shape. Popular cut flower sales.

Festival Tours? Penis blossom Chaiyaphum Province.
Dog dick in the province Chaiyaphum Tourism Festival has penis flower bloom. Chaiyaphum Province in 2550 at the annual Forest National Park rock beauty Etpstit district and Sai Thong National Park Amphoe Nong Bua Rawe Chaiyaphum Province.

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