Patpong Sex Show, Strip clubs, bars, bars Specialty is firstly, if the name is called. Silom Road was the first gravel increasingly in Bangkok. Before the major transport are how water, soil path opportunities were only dirt and mud. If foreigners for the king in Bangkok, the need for a road, riding on horseback. King Rama 4 Silom Charoenkrung had built road. The family, Patpongpanich own land close to Silom, Patpong today's since 1946.

Family members built the roads and some shophouses. The old building was demolished and Klong filled to make room for more shophouses. At that time there was only one bar, but a very popular. Men started this Patpong area, just because the famous bar from that date, more bars open. Part of the expansion of Patpong, it was a place of American troops from the war in Vietnam is to have. Strip club, as the bars are aligned along the self.

Not like American club bands, where you can touch the dancers, but rather conservative, if the dance, very contradictory. Girls in these bars are generally poor Esarn (north-eastern Thailand) families. Beware of fraudsters sex show where they attract tourists to see the poster for the cheap beer. After the law is much too large.


  1. Patpong went downhill in recent years, was there last time March 2008, better soi cowboy. I heard the Kings group have refurbished though, so may take another look on my next monger trip to Bangkok