Thai International Photo Contest 2009

Marugoto (Thailand) Limited, the International Photo Contest (Thai International Photo Contest 2009) for the purpose of staging a photo contest with a higher standard stage one in Thailand. This will enable young people or those who love the photo and expect to step into the career path photographers. Have the opportunity to show imagination and new imaging techniques. Their hard to promote both conservation and people cherish deep knowledge in the arts, antiques and historic cultural resources of their own natural surf noon to sustainable tourism. Policies of the government has managed this year to compete in 7 topics like 2 years ago is Nature & Landscape Division and Human Division of products with awards Camera or office equipment from the Canton Tickets. And cash prizes. With souvenir. Send picture to date is now 31 July 2009 and will be decided in late August 2009 image will be exhibiting photos from the contest on 27 September - 4 October 2009 at department stores Isetan Bangkok


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