Fruits in Thailand

Thailand exported fresh fruit for many years, and since the number and diversity increased. Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said that although at present the export of fresh fruit is growing rapidly, real qotal production. The campaign is aimed at people in other countries, such uantities involved are too small compared with the TAS importers and consumers so that they know more, Thai fruit, is one of the possibilities for increasing exports. The objective of this second booklet, for the purposes of the Public Relations of Thai fruits, which is the main concern of the department, which he is the guide for manufacturers, exporters, importers and consumers, they may learn about Thai fruit and in the same manner, and at the same time, to see the Government's efforts to promote the export of fresh fruit both quantity and quality as set out in the sixth national economic and social development plan.

Mangosteen,Jackfruit ,Durian,Water Melon ,Pomelo ,Orange,Coconut ,Marina Plum ,Rambutan ,Rose Apple ,Sapodilla ,Zalacca ,Papaya ,Lichie ,Pine Apple ,Banana ,Gauva ,Mango

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